The award-winning Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro has released this NFT collection of Roman History images. Storaro won Oscars for best cinematography for the following movies "Apocalypse Now," "Reds" and "The Last Emperor."


The Civiltà Romana’s NFT  Collection is the culmination of a project that began in the late 1980s. During five years, Storaro traveled throughout Italy, Syria, Turkey, Greece and countries that belonged to the Roman Empire, to document ruins and preserve their magnificence for future generations. 

Storaro uses Double exposure photography, which layers two different exposures on a single image, combining two photographs into one. Double exposure creates a surreal feeling for your photos, and the two photographs can work together to convey deep meaning or symbolism.

Storaro artfully photographed two or more monuments using double exposure. This was no easy task prior to digital photography.

These images provide a unique perspective of the Roman Civilization. By combing two or more stunning images into one, the revered artist highlights iconic, classical Roman Architecture, monuments and the legacy of a civilization that shaped the course of our world.