"WRITE WITH LIGHT" is not just a BOOK, but the project of a lifetime.

An encyclopedia of a Visionary, a researcher, a scholar, of what: Philosophers - Painters - Scientists from all over the world, have spent in research around the mystery of vision.

A set of writings and images, the result of a life of experience, divided into six main chapters.

The first book: "A JOURNEY WITH LIGHT" is based on the theme of LIGHT.

The second book: "CHROMATIC EMOTION" is based on the theme of COLORS.

The third book: "THE EQUILIBRIUM OF THE ELEMENTS" is based on the theme of the natural elements of life.

The fourth book "THE MUSES" is based on creative intuitions.

The fifth book "THE VISIONARY" is based on all human beings who see beyond normal reality.

The Sixth Book "THE PROPHETS" is based on the incredible great spiritual personalities.



After the success of the Trilogy "Storaro: Writing with light", the volume contains more than 400 new images, including paintings and photographs in Double Exposure, made by Vittorio Storaro directly in the camera, and is furnished with a documentary film in DVD as a gift, in which the author explains his visual philosophy, his own theory concerning colors, his own life.

Through the many images in Double Exposure, some of them in an impressive 30x60 format, the volume takes the reader on a fascinating journey inside Vittorio Storaro’s philosophy of work and his personal universe of images.

Light, Colors, Elements: are the steps we find again in his new volume and that represent the artistic career of Storaro, three aspects on which since ever has been based the study and thought of the author able to give the film an indelible stamp, as in the case of masterpieces such as The Conformist, Twentieth Century, Apocalypse Now, Reds, The Last Emperor, Dick Tracy, Little Buddha

All images in Double Exposure we find in the new book "Writing with light, colors, elements" are taken from the Photo Exhibition "Storaro: Writing with Light, Double Impressions between Photography and Cinematography" which has been exposing worldwide for many years the famous "fading’s" by Vittorio Storaro: enigmatic Double Impressions evoking in the viewer the magic cinematographic feelings of films.

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