Roman Civilization

In project on the history of ROME contains in itself the elements suitable to leave the possibility of summarizing the whole ROUTE OF LUCE by Vittorio Storaro.

The attraction towards an ensemble movement of IMAGES, MUSIC, WORDS, takes him on a journey into the memory of time.

A succession of Images inspired by the Thought of a LIGHT, the Imagination of a COLOR, the Intuition of an ELEMENT.

"La Civiltà Romana" thus becomes the creative possibility to revisit a go in the visual imagery that has accompanied him so far; as a retrace of the figurative journey already traced, lived in a First part of Past life: from 'DARK to LIGHT; in a second part of life Present, among the colors: from R0SSO to VIOLETTO; in a third part of Futura life, towards: THE EQUILIBRIUM OF THE ELEMENTS.

Roman Civilization

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