Photography Exhibition - Storaro Covili


”STORARO COVILI The Sign Of A Destiny”

The great figurative (and psychological) values that unite the two artists. About the meeting with painting and Gino Covili, sign of their common feeling of light, colour, and image.

From the Author(s):” We have shared our Pictorial and Cinematographic world since 1975, though we met some years before. With the sharp eye of two researchers, we study each other's works, and talk about Painting and Cinema, about how one influences the other, about how they nourish each other in turn. The catalysing moment in our relationship embraces the film 1900, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci (the epic spanning the arc of a century of Italian life) and the Painting Discussion About Forming a Cooperative (the work depicting various people sitting around a large table with, in the centre, an overhead lamp illuminating the group gathered around that Light). 

An image imprinted in our memory, which has always been visually linked to the film 1900, since we cannot remember ever having distinguished whether the Cinematography was influenced by that painting, or the painting was inspired by the images of the movie.

The Sign of a Destiny, which sprang from those experiences, is an encounter between two visionaries who, after expressing themselves individually as artists, travel a stretch of their creative path together.

The first part of the book illustrates the journey undertaken by one of us who, film after film, seeks out and meets artists from all over the world who express themselves through PAINTING which is not "officially" recognized; through that less "classic," non-academic painting far removed from official art, which has provided so much inspiration for many of his cinematographic works. This can be seen from his studies and writings contained in the three volumes published by Mondadori Electa and the Accademia dell'Immagine, under the title STORARO. WRITING WITH LIGHT, and from the researches conducted for over a decade within the sphere of his lecturing activities at the Accademia dell'Immagine. 

The second part is wholly devoted to the direct relationship between us, between PAINTING and PHOTOGRAPHY. On this journey, between CINEMA and PAINTING, we meet, we become friends, we discover together forms of creativity that make us decide to realize a project that combines our works. A project through which we relive the human, social and figurative history of the last century, which we have experienced and, to some degree, represent. 

A project that is completed by the pictorial/photographic exhibition with the same title. A visual journey which, after an introduction to our most representative works, continues in a large area divided into four sections, where a combination of Paintings, Photographs, Gigantographies and Images whose composition draws on both Painting and Photography are on display, illustrating the discoveries that have emerged from our encounter. An exhibition that elevates our Vision and our Life to a creative level that would have been difficult to attain individually, and which was particularly influenced by the human level we succeeded in reaching together.