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Vittorio Storaro, born in Rome on June 24, 1940, is a renowned Italian cinematographer. He embarked on his cinematic journey in 1960, graduating as a 'Cinematographer' from the esteemed 'Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia' (Italian Film Institute). It was in 1968, with the film 'GIOVINEZZA GIOVINEZZA,' directed by Franco Rossi, that Storaro found his artistic voice, encompassing his unique cinematographic concepts and photographic vision.

Our mission

Storaro's Art Pages serve as
a platform for exploring the art and cinematography of Vittorio Storaro, a three-time Oscar winner for Best Cinematography in films such as "Apocalypse Now," "Reds," and "The Last Emperor."
The website is dedicated to promoting Storaro's "Civilta' Romana" collection, which captures the essence of Roman civilization through a meticulous project that spanned Italy, Syria, Turkey, Greece, and other Roman Empire countries.
The "Civilta' Romana" collection, originating in the late 1980s, is a result of
Storaro's five-year journey to document and preserve the grandeur of ancient
ruins. Employing double exposure techniques, Storaro artfully combined two or
more monuments in each photograph, a challenging task in the era before digital
photography. Notably, no images in this collection underwent Photoshop
manipulation, enhancing their artistic value.
These images offer a
distinctive perspective on Roman civilization, emphasizing classical
architecture, monuments, and the profound legacy of a civilization that left an
indelible mark on our world. In addition to the digital representation on the
website, the collection is available in a tangible form, with pictures mounted
under acrylic glass. This method ensures a crystal-clear, elegant, and pure
presentation, allowing enthusiasts to own a tangible piece of historical and
artistic significance. Storaro's Art Pages thus provide a unique opportunity to
appreciate the intersection of cinematography, photography, and the rich
history of Roman civilization.